Florida Marijuana Medical Records

In order for a marijuana doctor to enter a patient into Florida's Compassionate Use Registry the patient must have medical records showing that the patient has one of the medical conditions listed under the qualifying medical conditions, or any other medical condition that the marijuana doctor believes will benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

If you need to retrieve your medical records please let us know and we will help you retrieve any medical records that may be required to enroll in the Florida medical marijuana program including charts, labs, x-rays and other medical records showing your diagnoses.

If you have not been diagnosed yet and do not have medical records then you can schedule an appointment with a doctor to receive a diagnoses and accompanying medical records. If you are seeking medical marijuana for PTSD then medical records are not required as our PTSD psychiatrists will diagnose you and provide you with adequate medical records necessary to obtain a medical marijuana card for PTSD. All other medical conditions besides PTSD will require medical records showing a diagnoses.

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